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Website update service

For the field of network broadcasting name on the Internet all over the world, in order to attract people visit your company website, and the content presented are one of the  most important criteria. In actually, SOFTEK has been developing the service updated the site for the units, the business from time to time.

When using this service, you are keen on the font format, the number of languages, colors, upload photos ... any staff will be editors professional SOFTEK implementation. This will save much of your highly valuable time and help you to focus better on your business.


(You can choose one of two forms below, or select all)
All in one update package 1 times:
This method is especially appropriate when the site you just completed, it should enter a large amount of data (articles introducing the company, services, products, news give ...), make the viewers feel rich, full of the website from the first time launched on the Internet.
Updated monthly:
This method most relevant when you have information changed regularly every month (adding articles about products, services, company information, press releases, shareholder reports...)
TIME IS MONEY! Let us do those works, we have a team of professional editors ready to serve you!