Testing Services Print

We have the close relationship with many universities and companies in Viet Nam. We are ready in providing testing services. Our testing experts and skilled engineers can provide full testing solutions to your products.

Product Verification Capability:

Techniques & Methodologies
Black-box/Behavioral Testing
White-box/Structural Testing
Grey-box Testing
Test Case Generation
Test Plan & Test Suite Definition
Sanity Testing & First Level Verification
System & Integration Testing
Regression Testing
Acceptance Testing
Installation & Upgrade Testing
Localization Testing
Document Testing
Bug/Defect Support
Full Product Verification Support
Tools & Utilities
Test Case Tracking: TCAT, Quality Centers
Bug/Defect Tracking: Clarify, Remedy, Quality Centers, TeamTrack
Traceability Matrix

Test Automation Capability:

Techniques & Methodologies
Data-driven Automation Scripts
GUI-independent Scripts
Language-independent Scripts (localization testing)
Test Case Generation
Test Plan Definition
Automation Test Script Developments
Automation Test Script Maintenance & Upgrade
Tools & Utilities
GUI test: WinRunner, SILK, QA Run, Robot Test
CLI test: TCL/Tk, Perl, Awk, Java, Unix shell
Instrument control: MatLab, Labview
Performance test: LoadRunner, Apache Workbench
Simulation: MIMIC