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CyberLogitec là một tập đoàn tầm cỡ chuyên phát triển, sản xuất, cấp phép sử dụng, và hỗ trợ một loạt các sản phẩm và dịch vụ chủ yếu liên quan đến máy tính...và cũng là đối tác của Softek.

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Web design In
Thiết kế website

There are many reasons for your decision to invest a web design. Choose us, Softek, designed to serve your website because:
  • Focused investment effectiveness, effective business networking site for customers.
  • Focused brand and customer care.
  • Chú trọng chế độ hậu mãi.
Therefore, the team consulted our customers to choose from

domain (domain name) to color the room marine industry, the design. Website designed to link friendly optimized search engine (Google, Yahoo).

Setting up a website is like setting up a sales team, a team of business, a part of the marketing plan - PR. A sale or have business income different (because of the different salary pay different income brought staff from each different). Therefore, investment is not for website be the same.

Website may be similar in form but very different levels of management, the ability to bear loads, the loss resources, speed display, security, optimization SEO, SEF, customer service .. .

Most part, the website designed by technology web design history, difficulties in updating, changing the content will need to change web design, to overcome the shortcomings, the field activities supplement .. .. Or just because the site is no longer appropriate.

The new web design, design upgrades website to bring the friendly, professional, applied technology designed later.

1. Why web design, the design upgrade Website?
Overcoming the web design deficiencies, additional areas of activity complement... Redesigned, designed to upgrade the site to bring the friendly, more professional.

2. Benefits of web design, the design upgrade?
- Reduce operating costs significantly because the application of technology in web design integrates the latest in web design tools, software management.

- Easier to update and manage Web content by technology Web CMS.

- To build up a reputation for own, the scope of activities of the business world. Creating a website is designed to manage goods, information, the science, easy to manage, easy to use, convenient for our partners, suppliers, customers see or to choose products purchased from a new website design.

3. Why is the web design technology web CMS - Softek Why?
- At Softek, we do not necessarily follow a set of CMS, programming languages, which are expanding point of thinking applied to the success of new web technology - the Internet

Softek to find:
   1. Editing, web design, the design upgrade the new feature makes use of easily than before if your site has previously been designed to be upgraded
   2. Upgrading, redesigned website and protect existing data of enterprises.
   3. Warranty technical website design life.
   4. Conducting update and patch regularly.

Các khách hàng

Danh sách các khách hàng mà Softek đã triển khai phần mềm FAST:
Sagawa bắt đầu hoạt động từ 100 nhân viên và một nhà kho có diện tích khiêm tốn 2,380m2 cho đến quy mô 500 nhân viên và tương ứng 20,000m2 kho...

Being established in 2004, Bee Logistics Corporation is now one of the leading international logistics service providers in Vietnam with branches and representative offices in other South East Asian countries, namely Cambodia,...

SAFI started business with a skeleton staff of 22, in 1992, involved in sea-freight and inland-trucking services...

05/1996: Establishment of Joint Venture Company Limited Freight forwarding VINAKO (a joint venture between Vietnam Airlines and freight Group Konoike)...

VVMV JSC is a joint stock company, 100% private owned, incorporated in June 2007 with a working capital of 24,000,000,000VND...

MOL Logistics provides contract logistics services worldwide, such as operation of MOL Logistics warehouses for our customers, work performed on customer's premises and entrusted management of our customer-owned logistics centers...


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