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Opinions of those who have used FAST Print

FAST is one of the advanced leading software applied in the IT management of freight forwarding business with a simple user interface. It simplifies management and able to print the large amounts of paper necessary for forwarding businesses.

Mr. Dao Truc Nam, Director of International Freight Bridge, revealed: “Our company has used many kinds of software prepared by foreign IT companies for forwarders but we are not satisfied. We've last changed to use F.A.S.T software and found that there are many functional advantages in F.A.S.T. F.A.S.T has the ultimate functions for specific suitable forwarders in Vietnam, we think that most of freight forwarding companies in Vietnam have their own characteristics. By using F.A.S.T, payment method is well managed and it shall check all invoices quickly. The price of F.A.S.T is reasonable and F.A.S.T is such a simple user one.”

Logistics businesses also face with a large amount of paperwork. F.A.S.T is the best tool to help manage the business and minimize business problems.

Mr Pham Dong Hai, Vice-Director of the Vietnamese- Japanese joint-venture Konoike Vina told us: “Our company has used F.A.S.T software for around a year. It is a good software package which meets our needs when we manage and control every activity in our company. I think it F.A.S.T software is widely used in business, it will help save time and enhance the efficiency of business performance. Furthermore, the technical sector of the company that provides FAST always works devotedly for its customers.”

Ms Vo Thi Phuong Lan, Managing Director of American Shipping Logistics, remarked: “F.A.S.T helps me a lot in directing and managing the operations of the company. This is a very convenient and user-friendly software which can help undertake all the tasks of statistics reporting monthly and quarterly, plus manage the scheduling of goods freighted which was done manually in the past. I only need just one click to inspect everything. Moreover, thanks to F.A.S.T, I can check the performance progress of each staff member in any department and have ways to adjust properly. I think freight forwarding businesses should use F.A.S.T to enhance their efficiency and productivity.”

In spite of current difficulties, Vietnam’s economy has been developing steadily, the volume of export commodities increases rapidly and the demand for transportation also increases. Therefore, the need for a perfect software helpful for the management of turn-over, payment, VAT... is very pivotal for transport agents.

F.A.S.T has helped bring about the most effective, satisfying, supporting and wonderful results to the operations of logistics businesses such as Annbord Cargo, HL Cargo, IFB, ASL, Konoike, Ever Lines and others.


Our Clients

Our Clients' Links that we deployed FAST:
Sagawa has grown from fewer than 100 employees and a modest warehouse space of 2,380 square meters at the start of business to approximately 500 employees and a vast 20,000 square meters of warehouse...

Being established in 2004, Bee Logistics Corporation is now one of the leading international logistics service providers in Vietnam with branches and representative offices in other South East Asian countries, namely Cambodia,...

SAFI started business with a skeleton staff of 22, in 1992, involved in sea-freight and inland-trucking services...

05/1996: Establishment of Joint Venture Company Limited Freight forwarding VINAKO (a joint venture between Vietnam Airlines and freight Group Konoike)...

VVMV JSC is a joint stock company, 100% private owned, incorporated in June 2007 with a working capital of 24,000,000,000VND...

MOL Logistics provides contract logistics services worldwide, such as operation of MOL Logistics warehouses for our customers, work performed on customer's premises and entrusted management of our customer-owned logistics centers...


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