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Softek solutions respects to introduce... Print

Softek solutions respects to introduce a software that became the best for the freight forwarders, FAST. FAST provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface that simplifies the management and printing of large volumes of form used in sea and air forwarding...everything that a forwarder needs.

FASTPRO (Freight Assistant System Technology), A professional software for professional users!!!
Why it is FASTPRO?

1. FASTPRO will help to solve the troubles for customer services and documents staff:
Before using FASTPRO documents staff have to use many applications on word or excel (copy, cut, paste, open file….) it will create many extra works made their work slower or inaccurate.
Besides, looking up a long time shipments information made staff fed of it, especially, to very long time shipments, documents staff, mostly females, have to “swim” in the fully dust, cobweb material stock…… to pick it out, it is really a tough work, worse, these documents were usually packed in cartons, it is  so very heavy that just young male staff
can lift it up while the documents staff mostly are ladies. How can they do that? With the unlimited searching ability, FASTPRO will help you all and just through a simple click you will have all kind of documents: Bill of lading, Manifest, Invoices, Packing List, Debit, Credit note, Customs Declaration… Or you can search very fast (It is FAST) any shipment through any details of shipment referred like Job ID, HAWB, H-B/L, MAWB, M-B/L Booking No., Shipper, Consignee, Agent …

2. FASTPRO will help sales staff working more efficient:
Before using FAST, customers calling sales man to check price, unfortunately, sales off that day or away from desk.. simply, customers will receive the answer from his colleague that: “please call again” or “let him call you back”.

Whatever way would make customer have to wait and unhappy.
When using FAST whoever received a customer call could answer right away to customer without any delay.

When you have not had FAST, sales men usually do not know how his shipment status: If Customers services serving customers well? Or payment status to Accounting? Or if freight changing how to manage it?
Do not worry, with FASTPRO, all worry became relax!!!! All works are automatic and exact from pricing to sales profit to job costing….
With CRM function (Customer Relationship Management) the statistics, customers management jobs became very simple and convenient.
3. FASTPRO with Operation Staff:
Whoever worked in this job is not only suffering how hard customs declaration: driving all the way, prepare wrong documents but also have to face troubles in office work like they could not remember how much they advanced for how many shipments but not settled yet? Printing customs declarations form but could not matching with printers… some time they have to
spend hours to detect the form. How hard and pity for them if no FAST assistance??
4. FASTPRO help accounting to control well debt but less work and more accurate and faster:
Accounting daily work as following up account recevivable, account payable, debt collecting… made them tired with data but request exact figure. Not yet finished, the obsession of accounting became worse when at end of month they have to burry themselves in preparation for tax report, S.O.A. report, profit and loss reports.. But pity that some times the wrong
data made them come back from the zero position. It is miserably hard job. Any magic stick can help our pity accountant to solve this troubles right away? Yes, we have a magic stick can do it:  FASTPRO!!!!
Besides, if no FASTPRO, accountants have to spend a lot of time to following up cash advance and settlement… Accountant will be also very confused when the cash advancer not settle their advanced amount on time or they advanced over the limited amount requested by company rules…. With FASTPRO all of this work was controlled
tightly by records and automatic, so, accountant will not be confused or worry about less collection but extra payment any more. We respect your work and FASTPRO helped us to realize our respect just by one click, let FASTPRO does your work. 
5. FASTPRO is an eye of C.E.O.:
The most concern of C.E.O. is how company business? How much profit or loss company is? How is company customers and partners… How hard staff work? How the confidential data of company keep?
Many issues if not clear will make C.E.O. worry.With high High security (de-centralization in management) and combined more than 150 reports were referred and appraised
by many international and professional forwarders, we are proud thet FASTPRO is an excellent product can help to execute all of demands for statistics, analyses and reports, even it is the strictest request, FASTPRO will really help for C.E.O.
To be composure but very strict in his management.
6. FASTPRO will bring more un-expectable benefit that no one else can do:
When designed this software we do not only design it as a management software but tried our best to build in it the human kind with the goal to connect
The unification of each staff in company but also encourage staff work harder.
They are:
  • Happy Birthday Pop Up
  • Best Sales in the quarter Pop Up
  • Worst Sales in the quarter Pop Up
  • Top ‘N’ of customers, partners….
  • High Felxible themes (colour, font,…)
  • Flexible Code (customer code, agents, Job ID, H-B/L …)
  • Luncheon Order
  • Auto Backup
  • Internal forum…
And much more than that, we commit for good after sales service, free upgrade new version of FASTPRO within 12 guarantee months since the purchasing date.

7. Informatics level user required:
Pentium III, 128 MB RAM, 150 MB hard disk.
Operation system required: Win 2000 or XP
Informatics level user required: Office Informatics level
Buyer should send logo & information of his company (company name, address, tax code, tel. no., account no., email, days of shipment locked….) for FASTPRO technician to design it into FASTPRO.
Server installation: about 05 minutes (Server configuration required PIV 2.5GB 512 MB RAM) System installation: (30 minutes)
Work Station: 10 – 15 minutes
8. FASTPRO Processing Chart

Contact and brochure

Click here to download brochure in English for FAST.
Click here to download the FAST trial.
Please contact us for more information
or mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Please contact us for more information
or mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our Clients

Our Clients' Links that we deployed FAST:
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Being established in 2004, Bee Logistics Corporation is now one of the leading international logistics service providers in Vietnam with branches and representative offices in other South East Asian countries, namely Cambodia,...

SAFI started business with a skeleton staff of 22, in 1992, involved in sea-freight and inland-trucking services...

05/1996: Establishment of Joint Venture Company Limited Freight forwarding VINAKO (a joint venture between Vietnam Airlines and freight Group Konoike)...

VVMV JSC is a joint stock company, 100% private owned, incorporated in June 2007 with a working capital of 24,000,000,000VND...

MOL Logistics provides contract logistics services worldwide, such as operation of MOL Logistics warehouses for our customers, work performed on customer's premises and entrusted management of our customer-owned logistics centers...


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